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Probate Services

The term probate refers to the process of dealing with the estate of someone who has passed away. This will normally involve:

  • Registering their death with the authorities
  • Retrieving the will
  • Arranging the funeral
  • Informing banks, employers and authorities about the person’s death
  • Handling the person’s financial affairs, including paying outstanding bills and closing bank accounts
  • Arranging for the estate to be valued
  • Drawing up a schedule of debts
  • Completing all required paperwork
  • Swearing the papers
  • Handling matters relating to inheritance tax
  • Distributing the estate to beneficiaries
  • Storing the records according to the minimum legal requirements

The executor of the will, as chosen by the person who has passed away, may be entitled to carry out all the above duties. He or she will need to apply for grant of probate in England and Wales (otherwise known as grant of confirmation in Scotland). Once the application has been submitted, it can take up to 24 weeks to get a grant of probate in place, depending on the complexities involved.

Things to remember

Having a will in place actually has very little bearing on the probate process. The value of the assets and the way in which they are held will in fact determine whether or not probate is needed.

It is possible to appoint a professional to handle probate matters on your behalf. This is often a good idea if you simply don’t want to be responsible for administering the person’s assets yourself.

How can we help?

If the thought of managing your loved one’s affairs yourself feels daunting or overwhelming, don’t worry – help is at hand. The team here at Age Legal Services has a great deal of experience in guiding clients through probate, and we are qualified to deliver specialist advice on every aspect of the process.

Simply speak with a member of our team to discuss the benefits of our probate services in more detail.

To speak to a member of our team, please call 01206 820638 Online enquiry

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Having a will is usually the first consideration in planning for your later years. However, a will usually only comes into effect when you die. In order to maintain your lifestyle, pay for aids and adaptions, and pay for experienced care in your later years, you need to have a .

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