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How will this affect you...GP's to no longer visit CARE HOMES!


GPs have voted to end their responsibility for visits to care homes and house calls, arguing they ‘have not got the time, the workforce or the flexibility’ to fit them into their day.

At February's London LMC conference, GPs from Local Medical Committees (LMC) across the UK voted to have ‘separate contractual arrangements’ for residents in care homes, nursing homes and people sick at home.

Doctor's diagnosis
Dr Stefan Kuetter, the GP who proposed the motion for separate arrangements for care homes, nursing homes and home visits, told attendees: “I’m not proposing that we completely get rid of home visits. What I’m proposing is we look at who is best placed to do this.
"It does not fit into your busy day. It derails everything you had planned that day." For more information see:…/GPs-vote-to-opt-out-of-care-hom…

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