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Charitable Legacies

After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, you may want to leave money to a charity that is close to your heart. This is known as a charitable legacy.

Giving money to charity is a noble thing to do in itself. But you may be surprised to learn that leaving part of your estate to a non-profit organisation can also reduce, and often eliminate, the tax inheritance liability on your assets.

Leaving a Legacy to Charity

The best way to leave a legacy to charity is to incorporate your wishes into your will. You can either:

  • Leave the charity a fixed amount of money, which is otherwise known as a pecuniary legacy
  • Leave the charity a certain share of your estate, which is often referred to as a residuary legacy

At Age Legal Services, we are passionate about ensuring that our clients’ legacies are left to the charities that mean the most to them. Having worked extensively with various communities in Essex for years, we understand your desire to give something back – and we’re here to give you complete peace of mind that your charitable gift will be paid to the correct recipient, whoever they may be.

For more information on leaving a legacy to charity, get in touch with Age Legal Services now. We offer free, no-obligation advice on all aspects of wills and probate, and can even visit you in your own home if this is more convenient.

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Having a will is usually the first consideration in planning for your later years. However, a will usually only comes into effect when you die. In order to maintain your lifestyle, pay for aids and adaptions, and pay for experienced care in your later years, you need to have a .

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